Arthritis Pharmacy Solutions (APS Pharmacy) is a full-service specialty pharmacy. We specialize in medications to treat arthritis and autoimmune diseases, diabetes and endocrine conditions, and general health concerns. We are recognized for our personalized approach in improving the health of our patients. The APS Pharmacy mission is to continue the high quality of care provided by Oklahoma Arthritis Center and improve the quality of life of the patient.

Why Choose APS Pharmacy?

  • We research co-pay assistance and perform cost comparisons to make your medications cost effective.
  • We provide you with dedicated patient care advocates to manage your individual needs.
  • We navigate complex health care plans and quickly troubleshoot insurance issues.
  • We collaborate directly with Oklahoma Arthritis Center and Oklahoma Family Wellness Center providers to effectively address your needs.
  • We process your prescriptions during your appointments to reduce your wait time.
  • We synchronize your prescription refills with your appointments to minimize your pharmacy trips.
  • We have a dedicated prior authorization team to secure insurance coverage of specialty medications timely.
  • We provide you with access to specialty medications through our delivery service.
  • We are located at the Oklahoma Family Wellness Center and look forward to conveniently serving your needs.

Our Pharmacist

Dustin Smith, PharmD

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